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SAP Predictive Analysis
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  • You will gain an understanding of analytical concepts, such as, data mining, predictive analysis, and Data Science, what tools and procedures are included in the SAP solutions for Predictive Analysis (SAP Predictive Analysis, SAP InfiniteInsight, and SAP HANA-PAL) and what business questions can be addressed with these analytical tools.
  • You will understand the life-cycle of predictive analytics and how the individual steps feed into each other. Following on you will learn the basic principles how to approach a predictive analytics project.
  • You will get extensive hands-on experience using the SAP Predictive Analysis solutions on a variety of data from different industries.
  • At the end of this course you will be able to explain predictive analytics concepts and their implementation in SAP Predictive Analytics solutions. You should be able to start with your own analytical project.
  • You will gain this knowledge through lecture, demonstrations and the completion of exercises.


  • Business Analysts familiar with reporting solutions (SAP, Excel) or databases such as HANA
  • Analytical Power Users / Data Scientists



  • None, except for an interest in predictive analytical concepts and solutions


  • Familiarity with reporting solutions – SAP, Excel, or databases such as HANA

Course based on software release

  • SAP Predictive Analysis 1.19, SAP InfiniteInsight 7.0


  • What is data mining? What is predictive analytics?
  • Overview of SAP Predictive Analysis solutions and their use cases
  • Introduction to SAP Predictive Analysis, demonstrations
  • Exercises on SAP Predictive Analysis
  • The predictive analysis project
  • Data manipulation: data handling, modification, filtering
  • Overview of typical data mining tasks and supporting algorithms within SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Model accuracy and model generalization
  • Predict with SAP Predictive Analysis and HANA PAL with exercises
  • Model creation, viewing, exporting and importing
  • Extension of Predictive Analysis using R programs with exercises
  • SAP Predictive Analytics roadmap
  • Predictive Analysis – the Bigger Picture
  • Do‘s and Dont‘s in Predictive Analytics – Analytics Best Practice


  • SAP Predictive Analytics solutions are updated at a rapid development pace. The course aims to keep up with this pace and show demonstrations always in the latest available release

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